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All the world’s a stage! 9/24/11

Welcome to “dropsthemicandwalksout”–my “almost real time” blog covering all of my experiences: good, bad, ugly & indifferent while going to hang out at live music shows…I’ve been a fan of live music as long as I can remember, since my father was leader of a band when I was a child, he gave us huge appreciation for all things music, as a result I consider myself a very musically diverse person and therefore have attended a lot of live music shows on the local level–“SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC”!!!!! This blog serves as a journal so to speak of my life & times at the events that I attend. I’ve said for years that the comical things and characters that I encounter deserved to be immortalized and here we are…my love affair with music continues here…ever wanted to be a voyeur? Here’s your shot! (try not to stare too hard…) 😉

p.s. Here’s to coming across the most random, comically rich things that make you wanna “drop the mic and walk out”… CHEERS!


“M.J. LIVES!!!” 9/23/11 Branford CT La Luna

My evening at La Luna commences on a very humid, warm, rainy Friday evening…

Down bottom: Dark skinny jeans with stretch (forgiver of MANY sins…)

Up top: A multi-colored pink sheer print long sleeved tunic type top with slits at both sides, beading at collarline (kinda bohemian but SO pretty)

Rock bottom: 4 inch heeled pumps, metallic silver peep-toe booties

The finisher: huge silver hoop earrings, lots of bangles in silver, pink, purple, silver wristwatch

Hair day: Good (but could have used a “line”)

Ride or Die: Die (rolled solo)

Order up! Nachos: A pile of dry chips, minimal cheese melted in to form an almost unbreakable cement-like structure and buffalo wings that saved the day, served with bleu cheese that was wonderfully chunky with bleu cheese crumbles and cold crisp celery…

I arrived alone at approximately 9.20p.m. to find “The Rahsaan Langley Project” band in full swing, compromised of a keyboard player, drummer, lead guitar and vocals…this was my first experience at this venue which is basically a restaurant that serves Italian fare so I was anxious to scope things out: There were several people holding court at the bar, far fewer in the area that the band was playing that was directly adjacent to the bar but hey, the night’s still young, right? SO as per my usual, I stroll in, find a good table to post up at (note: a “good table” must meet certain specific criteria: it must have optimal view of 1. the band in question, 2. must be able to see everyone in the room/dance floor for optimal people-watching and finally, 3. must be able to see the entrance, i.e. who’s coming and going — that’s all part of the build-up!)…and I hang out and wait for something “intriguing & bloggable”…my wish was granted when not long after I settled in with a Coke and a late night menu, I notice the vocalist of the band “Frontman R.L.” is telling the crowd that he’s feeling silly while he’s working hard at keeping the energy for the evening up and pumping up the crowd while singing and being interactive with fans even though everyone there seems to want to chill (like me) at first… a gentleman of “a certain age” wearing sneakers, a fitted baseball cap (WHO does that at his age??? anyway…) and a throwback sports jersey gets up and reports front and center to the middle of the dance floor, minus a partner because HEY, when you’re rocking swagg like that, WHO needs a partner? He starts snaking, pop-locking, and gyrating all over the place—even dropping it low…ok, mildly entertaining…UNTIL a woman at his table who I assume was “with him” joined him and they started doing something “lambada-esque” with each other. My night JUST got a little better…then enter the blonde woman “of a certain age”, we’ll call her “Twinkle Toes”, ole T.T. was another solitary dancer from the bar side but was clearly dertermined to not go it alone, since she made it a point to try & get EVERYone that she DIDN’T know up to dance…I guess her friends hanging out at the bar were exempt? Her diligent efforts were soon rewarded as the band crashed into a rousing rendition of “Jump”by Van Halen, kudos to the band for their musical diversity, that resulted in a few more willing dancers to hit the floor…and so was the ebb and flow of the evening–because I’m still posted up quietly enjoying myself and my people watching–when a familiar tune began to play: “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder…”OH SNAP! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!” was my last thought as I contemplated whether or not I felt like “chair dancing” or actually getting up and bustin’ a move when all of a sudden the band’s frontman R.L. stops singing after the first few words and says “Wait a minute! IIIII know who sings this song!!!” and looked DIRECTLY at me and calls me to the stage while introducing me to the small but mighty crowd…well I’ll be DAMNED…so I take the stage, belt it out, crowd seemed to like it so I’m all good, return to my seat and THEN my might got catapulted into people watching heaven: “Frontman R.L.” then introduces his nephew and invites him to come do a song as the band launches into the heavy immediately recognizable beat of “Billie Jean”: “Nephew” is tall, light skinned, with almost shoulder-length dark brown hair that I think was blow dried and pressed and he wore it M.J. style–only without the “wet look”, he completed his look with a black Ed Hardy tee shirt, stone washed jeans, a “smedium” black jacket and black dress shoes and really did bear a very interesting resemblance to his “Frontman” uncle…I can hardly contain my excitement while I watch “Nephew” sing, dance & gesticulate with a very decidedly M.J. vibe–and he FEELS it, every BIT of it–I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who seemed damn near possessed by M.J.’s spirit like this kid–he most definitely got an “E” for effort and really was the high point of the night…although he and his female companion got negative points for standing directly in front of my table very effectively blocking my view to take video footage of the band via cellphone for more than a couple minutes, and at one point the female friend of M.J. impersonator “Nephew” had her behind resting on my table while I was eating. UGH…WHY do people just not get it? The fact that it was not a HUGE booty wasn’t quite the issue as much as the lack of etiquette behind it. DID I launch into “YOU’RE RUDE” mode? Interestingly enough my curiosity at how long this was to go on before they “GOT IT” and went back to their own table was overruled– instead of  my “Miss Correctol” rules of etiquette shining assertively through…wasn’t long before I got my answer when they both sat down. AT MY TABLE. What was wrong with THEIR table? It was RIGHT next to the stage and mine was in front and to the right…here we go…FINALLY after what seemed like hours, they disappear away and I pull both chairs in to the table…hint? My hard work paid off as they didn’t return to my table but did enjoy the rest of the evening until it was time to go. So I’m noticing that there ended up to be quite a diverse mix of dancers on the floor, some black, some white, ALL having a good time to all genres of music. Shout out to the white overweight couple with the salt & pepper gray hair that sat for the first half of the evening looking rather perplexed at the band, at least the “husband” in the pair seemed to have a tad more musical instinct than “wife” who sat staring at the band with a sort of catatonic-like gaze…maybe she had “the itis”….or just maybe…she felt the need to “drop the mic and walk out”…

“Feelin’ froggy? Thumbs Up!” 9/21/11 Southington CT The Groggy Frogg


My time at the Groggy Frogg commences on a warm overcast evening…

Down bottom: Flared jeans with fat stitching and a very interesting “wash” & brown leather belt

Up top: A striped Tommy Bahama dress shirt, underneath: A white tee shirt with an image printed on the front (we’ll get to that later…)

Rock bottom: Brown leather strappy 4 inch platform pumps

Bag lady status: White leather Coach bag with brown trim and silver hardware

The finisher: Large hoop earring with charms, oversized orange watch, various bangles

Hair day: Decent

Ride or Die: Die (no accomplices)

Order up!: “Sweet Heat” wings, served up very saucy with bleu cheese, they were, well….sweet but with a tad more heat than was necessary, I could have done with a lil less, still tasty nevertheless. Disappointed at the lack of celery, though…

SO ok…I get to “The Frogg” at approximately 8.15p, just in time for the “Timmy Maia Experience” to rock out at 8.30p, the band got a little of a late start but hey, I’m in it for the long haul, so as per usual, I select a table and post up…The Frogg is a little bar/grill tucked away in the seemingly sleepy town of  Southington, CT. THe floors are hardwood, and the overhead beams are adorned with–what else?? Frogs, some stuffed, some metal fabrications, some toys, ALL most definitely frogs. Point made, although I DID notice that none of them appeared especially groggy…lmao..oh well–anyway…there aren’t too many people in The Frogg on this Wednesday evening, again its early so we’ll just hang right on out and see what the rest of the night brings! Scattered folks surrounding the bar, in the back by the patio door there’s a table full of just past middle-aged women that we’ll call the “Golden Girls”, who seemed to be engrossed in very riveting conversation. Not thirsty or hungry at this point since I had had dinner before I came, on to the evening’s festivities: The band, very skillfully lead by frontman “The Human Jukebox” didn’t waste any time with the slow, easy listening tunes, they kicked things off rather quickly, handling a bunch of high energy, up tempo tunes with expert precision…this is good…as I’m more in the mood to chill rather than dance, because I’m in practical joke mode, I’m content for the moment. See, my main purpose in life at The Frogg this night is to prank the Human Jukebox, who attended a party for a  mutual musician friend and got a lil too “wavy” for his own good, which resulted in him posing with 3 older women for one of the many pics that I took of that night, with a human female thumb belonging to one of them casually hanging out in his his mouth…lmao…so me, being the JERK that I am, took that very picture, cropped the women out so as to keep the focus on “the thumb” and had that image printed on the tee-shirt I was wearing at that moment–my plan was to wait until he was singing to do the big reveal, for no reason other than shock value/inside joke purposes–unfortunately it wasn’t time yet, things were too slow, the band while churning out the hits was still a tad too mellow–and so was I, despite the fact that the long sleeved dress shirt I wore over the coup de gras prank tee was HOT…but I”m determined to troop it out in the name of a good laugh…about 30 minutes after I get settled in and the band starts, the room begins to fill up with blue jean clad partiers, varying in age from the damn near geriatric (it was the white hair & orthopaedic sandals that gave her away)…to the very young, which brings me to the “what the hell” moment of the evening: In the front door walks a “man of a certain age” with a very young man who I assumed was at least 21 as everyone was being carded at the door…after greeting a few people, the pair both dressed in jeans and tee shirts walks over to my table, “Annoying Old Dude” then asks if its ok for he and his young buddy (who I later find out is his cousin) to sit, I nod yes and smile, since I was the only one sitting at a 4 person table, it’s nice to be nice right? No good deed ever goes unpunished: after a few mins, “A.O.D” starts watching me, and its CREEPY…I’m sitting there minding my business, casually tapping my finger on the table in time with the music and “A.O.D.” begins to mimick my every movement, including the way I’m sitting and bopping my head….Dear God: WHYYYYY ME???????? I then am thinking that SURELY this guy must be drunk, or buzzed at the very least because WHAT would make him think it’s ok to piss a black woman off who’s been nice to you and is otherwise minding her business? I decide to take the high road and try to ignore him, which works for a few seconds until he realizes he’s being ignored which somehow makes him WANT to be acknowledged, some sort of jacked up version of reverse psych 101…I see him moving in my peripheral vision because I’M STILL IGNORING him…he reaches out his hand to try and touch my arm–OK, NOW I’ve had enough. You DON’T get to touch me, you don’t KNOW me. Hell…even a lot of the people I DO know can’t touch me, lmao…so I move my arm outside of his reach and cast him a look that might have put him 6 feet underground if it was attatched to any sort of mystical powers…he finally (thank God) takes the hint and leaves the table to go talk to a group that just walked in: REPRIEVE at LAST! As he leaves, the most unexpected thing happens: “Young Cousin” who had come with “A.O.D.” leans over to me , smiles and says “I’m sorry about my cousin.” Wow! Manners! I could see that the poor lil guy was sorta embarrassed by “A.O.D.’s” antics so I gave him a smile with “Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault, you shouldn’t be apologizing for him but I appreciate it!” And so the night continues, I’m anxious like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to do my big reveal of the shirt I had made especially for “The Human Jukebox”, I decide to hang out and wait for the second set to start to put my plan into action…

After about a 30 minute break, the band gets back up on stage and kicks things into 2nd gear…at the beginning of the second song, I start unbuttoning the long sleeved shirt over the prank shirt, take it off and put it on the back of my chair, hop off my stool and stand up. I FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO. I’m so excited I can’t stop grinning as I move towards the dance floor, the band is playing, “The Human Jukebox” is front and center singing his heart out, I take the dance floor by storm but I’m only dancing facing the band so that he can see my handiwork…so I’m dancing, I’m the only one on the floor which is even better, his eyes are closed, he doesn’t see me yet, ok cool, I got patience & the song is good so I’m just hanging out, dancing about 4 feet away facing him and grinning like an idiot…FINALLY he opens his eyes and glances my way: NOTHING. Then I realize that its the stage lights that are blocking his view, so I dance in place for a few seconds longer and move a little closer, he looks again right when he’s about to sing his next note….and HE SEES IT!!!! HE SEES IT! Which made him immediately speechless…songless…noteless…as he stopped singing and put his head down and laughed. HARD….then he turns his back to the crowd, goes to the back wall of the stage and puts his head down, laughing hysterically. The rest of the band was in on the joke and was laughing as soon as I hit the dance floor…The Human Jukebox FINALLY recovers from laughing, returns to the mic and says “WWWWOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!”, and puts his hand up for a high five. GOT HIM!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! It didn’t matter that no one else but the band got the joke, that’s what “inside” jokes are about, right??? I danced around a few more minutes, we’ll call it a “victory dance”…then returned to my table, tickled that I was able to pull off my mission without a hitch. As coincidence would have it, “The Thumb” just happened to be in attendance that night, The Human Jukebox introduced me to her and showed her the shirt, to which she said “Hey that’s MY THUMB!!!! I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!!” to which I replied “Good luck, you’re on your own there!” After “The Big Reveal”, there really was nothing notable that went on in its wake, besides the rain that was now falling fairly heavily outside, just in time to go home….CLEALRY the best part of the night was watching my friend “The Human Jukebox” when he “dropped the mic and walked out”….of the limelight, at least for a few seconds, to recover from the reprise of what was a pretty wild night. Cheers!