“Mics, Drinks & Yeast Infections” 9/18/13 J. Roo’s North Haven, CT


Here again at the MECCA of all things entertaining and karaoke…here we go…!

Down bottom: Army green cargo skinny jeans

Up top: A semi-sheer black turtleneck

Rock bottom: Some bad ass dark brown biker boots

The Finisher: Black watch, silver bracelet, silver hoop earrings, really cool classic denim jacket

Hair day: Curly, bouncin’ and behavin’ ūüôā

Ride or Die: Die (rolled solo)

Order up!: My favorite drink, named “No Problem” at a different establishment where I first discovered it, made up of pineapple juice, amaretto and Malibu coconut rum, yessssss!

I arrived somewhere in the area of 10:30pm to this entire other planet that is “J. Roo’s” on this really mild September evening to arguably one of my favorite karaoke spots – I discovered it a few years ago when I lived in that area and have gone on enough weekly excursions to be recognized and embraced by the regulars which I’m sorta still wondering if it’s more¬†scary or endearing…ANYwho…I arrive at around 10.30pm (late for me since karaoke starts at 8pm), walk in and see Patty “The Energizer” – the karaoke DJ in residence, she’s such a sweetheart, always smiling and her energy is infectious, hence “The Energizer” nickname…she’s been providing karaoke to J. Roo’s for years and is well known and loved by the regular crowd that hangs there. I see her and wave on my way in, my greeting is met with her usually bright smile and she goes back to working her music magic with the crowd. I find an empty booth along the back wall, next to my buddy Bill and his full table of friends, as I’m getting settled and giving the waitress my order I hear someone in Bill’s booth refer to me as a “professional” singer. I hardly would consider myself a professional singer but maybe compared to some of the people that they’ve seen sing here…I actually met Bill years ago when I used to be a karaoke DJ in and around the greater New Haven area when he would come and hang out and sing with us – he’s good people and I’m always glad to see him when I show up at Roo’s – at least then I know that there’s SOMEone besides me that can carry a tune…

Taking “attendance” in the room overall, I notice that not too too many regulars are out to play tonight…which is disappointing since they provide material for this here blog but I’m determined to squeeze some value out of the next 90 minutes so I settle in an commence to people watching. The atmosphere is always upbeat yet laid back, with a great mix of all types of people from many walks of life, the average age in the room I could guesstimate to be about 40 years old and to say that this place is diverse is an understatement but ALSO most of it’s charm: you can see bikers, housewives, businessmen & women, blue collar workers ALL in the same room and their only common goal is to HAVE FUN. And that they do well. Bill’s female companion, we’ll call her Ms Bill…leans over the booth to ask me if I’m singing, followed by “Please save us from this sinking ship”… it seemed that everyone that took the mic was singing slow songs and were boring the audience. Ms Bill was also able to point out to me (gotta love her) a blonde middle aged woman that seemed like she needed to be the center of attention – wearing black leggings, a black tank top and SKY HIGH studded platform heels that had to¬†add at LEAST 5-6 inches to her height – add to that her busty frame and she most certainly WAS¬†the center of attention — UNLESS you take in the mystery that is her male companion…on a prior visit to J. Roo’s a friend of mine looked at the man in question and said “He must have a yeast infection because his jeans are SO tight!”…this man’s “uniform”, and I say uniform because the standard formula to his ‘self-perceived sexiness’…seems to be extremely tight jeans – imagine skinny jeans but they don’t look like skinny jeans on this guy – they just LOOK like tight jeans, a western inspired belt, usually a tight mock neck Under Armour short sleeved black shirt, although tonight it was heather grey, some baby cowboy boots – and I say baby boots because his feet are so small, I guess to match up with his diminutive build – he also seems to pride himself on his ‘afro’…think Bob Ross, the guy that used to paint “happy little trees”¬†right in front of your eyes – Google image him if you’re not familiar…so Mr Yeast Infection has a dark afro WITH a shag…and a full beard with mustache attatched…it sorta looks like a hair helmet with a face mask, if you will…comical yet true story…he and the mid-life crisis teetering on those sky high heels¬†that is his female companion seem to be having a good time but she seems quite intoxicated, getting up to dance with zero rhythm, which I attribute to the fact that she’s drunk and NOT because she’s white – I know plenty of white people that have great rhythm- she’s not one of them, though…AND the night surges on…

Up to bat now on the mic¬†are the J. Roo’s Satins…comprised of my buddy Bill and a few of the other gentlemen that are regulars here…they’re known for singing a lot of doo-wop type ditty’s together and they usually sound really good with Bill doing lead vocals, listening to them reminds me that one of the crowd favorites, “Tony the Tiger”, a white haired robust older guy that sings all of the good oldies but goodies (think Frank Sinatra) isn’t here tonight – he’ll certainly be missed!

A few other happenings around…someone celebrating a birthday, a younger drunk couple making spectacles of themselves on the dance floor, hand dancing to a line dance song (OF course…), a group of bikers with matching jackets shows up and the bald guy in the group has a great voice when¬†it was his turn to sing¬†– who knew? Teaches us to never judge a book by its cover!

Last yet not POSSIBLY least, Mr Yeast Infection gets up for his turn on the mic…I don’t recall what song he sang ( I should’ve taken notes but decided to freestyle this one from memory-ugh) but I do remember that it’s a song that is familiar to me – and I also recall that he sang it with EVERY BIT of conviction that he could possibly have mustered¬†up in the 4 and a half minutes it took for him to sing it…by this time, the crowd had thinned out¬†considerably but he still gave it to us as if he was singing in front of thousands at Carnegie Hall, he never disappoints! My evening pretty¬†much complete at that point,¬†it was just after midnight and high time for all good little bloggers to be home in¬†dreamland…maybe the next time I go to the “Roo” for karaoke, he’ll actually drop the mic and walk off – nahhhh….not likely because he, much like his blonde mid life crisis in platform heels, enjoy¬†the attention too much! ;o)


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