“Me oh Maia” 9/26/11 New Haven, CT Lilly’s Pad/Toad’s Place

Down bottom: Dark gray leggings

Up top: Gray print v-neckline babydoll type top…sometimes a dress with boots

Rock bottom: Silver strappy wedge sandals–I don’t CARE if its the end of September, I’M NOT letting summer go right now!

The finisher: Matching earrings and necklace in a liquid silver-type finish (Thanks D.L.G.!)

Hair day: Decent

Order up!: It’s “if you want it, bring it” at this venue, which is OK with me because then you can pick up exactly what you want on your way there!

OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for THIS night ever since I found out that it was going to happen: Timmy Maia aka “The Human Jukebox” is FINALLY coming to do a whole night with the band! Yet again, I had something akin to waiting on Christmas morning looming near and I was EXCITED! Timmy is a whole bunch of things: Singer, performer, dancer, fashion plate — but all rolled up into one monster of a package. He is the original and first ever vocalist for The Rohn Lawrence Band, who has since had less than a handful of other vocalists.  When you see T.H.J. perform with the band, though…the four of them (lead guitar, keyboard player, drummer & THJ)–it’s nothing LESS than an UNBEATABLE combination. The chemistry between the four of them is crazy, they know what the other is thinking just from having been with each other for so long and  you can tell, because after all is said and done, they leave you completely entertained…usually THJ will show up for a special event, like a birthday party for one of the other band members, come up and sing like one song, which is a HUGE teaser–then he’s out, as he has a day job that begins VERY early in the morning that he has a pretty long commute to, so I was excited that we got to have his performance prowess for the whole night and I was anxious for all my friends and music buddies to experience “The Total Package” combo of band and vocalist as well. I made sure to be as on time as possible because doors open at the Lilly’s Pad at 8.45 p.m. and I wanted to make sure that my usual table was reserved: The reserved table thing originally began as a result of a major surgery I had on my right foot, so to ensure I could sit if it was “actin’ up”. Understand, me being at Lilly’s Pad is like Norm being at “Cheers”, everyone knows me, I know some if not most of them, its like hanging out in my living room with a bunch of my friends and there just HAPPENS to be live music in the house. Being there every Monday is the thing I look forward to most about a day that doesn’t generally excite most people. I get to Lilly’s Pad at 9.25 p.m. — Lilly’s Pad is the loungey-type space directly above Toad’s Place main stage, part of the same business, Lilly’s is very cozy and intimate but with enough space to accommodate approximately 100 people semi-comfortably. I’m finding that there are quite a few people who had no idea that Lilly’s even existed which gives it an even more personal type feel for me. So at the top of the stairs I’m met by Fred, our security guy in residence, white-haired, easy-going yet takes no crap,  sarcastic and hilarious, Fred can be your best friend OR your worst enemy depending on what side of “Lilly’s Law” you happen to be on, NEVER let the white hair fool ya’! LOL…

As I find my way over to my usual reserved  table and plunk my bag & camera down, I’m noticing that there are a few people milling around already, but at this point, it’s only 9pm and the band isn’t supposed to start for another 30 minutes so I make myself busy with the usual: greeting “the regulars”, bartender extraordinaire “Aspen Powers”, sidenote: “Aspen” is the BEST bartender EVER, and I’m not just saying that because he makes a KILLER drink (he’s known for being heavyhanded with the alcohol)–he’s a GENUINELY NICE GUY.  I purposely request him to work the bar whenever I have private events in this room, everyone loves him! Anyway, I’m done greeting regulars, I stop & say hello to “The Human Jukebox’s” dad, who we’ll call “Pryor Harvey”…actually–The Human Jukebox has given his dad this nickname unbeknownst to him, largely due to the fact that “Pryor Harvey” wears a toupee. A rug. Shag carpet. Yep. And sometimes when you look close, WITHOUT gettin’ busted looking close, you can see where the bottom of the toupee meets with his own hair and sorta flaps upward about 2 inches before the hairline at the nape of his neck. “The Human Jukebox”‘s philosophy ever since I’ve known him is “Shave it, Don’t save it!”, I guess his dad didn’t get that memo. Overall though, “Pryor Harvey” (because he looks like a combo of Steve Harvey and Richard Pryor) is a sharp dude. No one that I’ve ever come across who knows him has EVER seen him in anything LESS than a 2, sometimes 3 piece suit with all the bells and whistles. And very much a gentleman, always. Makes it TONS easier to forgive the shag misstep! With Pryor Harvey is an older gentleman who I’ll call “Sidekick”, because that’s what he is…the fact that he’s blind doesn’t awe me as much as how much of a rider he is. Pryor Harvey has gotta be his son’s BIGGEST fan & supporter, traveling near and far to see his son perform and wherever you see him, “Sidekick” isn’t too far behind. So I greet Sidekick, kiss his cheek, tell him its good to see him and he remembers what I do for a living. UGH. Talk about Buzzkill Supreme! I try to leave my work AT work, the constant reminders pain me to tears, not being one to dwell since I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm, I shake it off and get ready for a night of awesome vocals from The Human Jukebox.

The band starts at 9.37pm, with The Human Jukebox and the band kicking things off with a smooth ballad-type song called “Lady, Lady” by Babyface. I. LOVE. THIS. SONG.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing about featuring different vocalists is that you get to hear a wide variety of different songs other than the regular, every vocalist has their own repertoire that always brings something different to the table. Next I’m hearing the opening piano licks of “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” by Stevie Wonder. And we’re groovin’…groovin’…groovin’….THEN it happened: My groove came to a grinding pause when I look to my right and see “Psychedelic Funky Man” arrive. He is grey haired, with what I call a “reverse mullet”: balding on top with his hair longer in the back just grazing his shoulders, he is known in this area for dancing like he’s trippin’ on acid at every and any live music event he can get to, also for dressing up as various items of produce (think green pea pod and a giant orange carrot) at different public events. Even more than his dancing style which is attention-seeking at the least and obnoxious most of the time, Psychedelic Funky Man is, well, FUNKY. Body odor wafts around him like morning fog on a field of dewy grass. It’s THAT bad. To the point that I make it my mission to never dance near him when the spirit hits and I feel the need to bust a move on the dance floor….ANYway–Psychedelic Funky Man is wearing mismatched earth toned print loose pants and a totally different print and earth tone color on his shirt, he takes a moment to listen to the music while he sways and then launches his body into a frenzy of movement that I’m thinking must SURELY leave him exhausted at the end of the night. He reminds me of a trippy, hippy-type that lived his younger years practicing “Free Love” on the muddy hills of Woodstock back in 1969. Now we’re into a great rendition of “Thank you (falettin me be mice elf again)” by Sly and the Family Stone. It’s funky and its ROCKIN’. The room continues to fill up  and things are moving right along, at around ten after 10pm, the myth, the man , the legend that is “Silk” arrives. Silk is a gentleman “of a certain age” that I met years ago while line dancing, every few songs the DJ would play a song that we could all swing dance to and my friend Silk was THE BEST, which was how he earned that nickname because he was smooth as silk when he danced, ALL the girls that knew how to swing, young and old, wanted to dance with Silk–I had happened to see him out one day while shopping back in August and invited him to “The Pad” so he pops in not every Monday, but often enough that I don’t have a chance to miss seeing him around. Silk is about 6 feet tall, and is quite a character even though I’m not sure he realizes it: He often wears an old school button down print dress shirt (circa 70’s) unbuttoned down to his stomach, with a couple chains, dress pants, dress shoes ALWAYS, classic gold tooth and the Al Sharpton ‘do: the press and sometimes curl but most often combed back from his head. I don’t think I could even IMAGINE Silk without his hair. He takes a seat at an unoccupied table and, as is his usual M.O., just watches quietly. Now the band is into “Me & Mrs Jones” by Billy Paul, at my table is a friend who I’ll call “Spicy Meatball”, she’s basically not black but CLEARLY should be. As soon as she recognizes the song, she leans over to me, puts her hand up to her ear, looks at me and says “Oh, what is that I hear?…panties droppin’? LOL, she’s funny. WOW. At about 20 minutes after 10, “Boomhauer” arrives. I call him that because he SOUNDS just like the Boomhauer character from the “King of the Hill” adult cartoon. When I first met him, his southern accent was so thick, I SWEAR I thought he was kidding me…I later find out that he REALLY does talk like that and FURTHERMORE is married happily to a lovely woman (got to meet her when he brought her up to hang once) who is of West Indian descent. Very curiously interesting match those two. Boomhauer is one of THE most faithful regulars that show up here EVERY Monday, as well as other gigs the band plays that he knows about. Always there!…so the first set ends with a mournful “What You Won’t Do For Love ” by Bobby Caldwell and I’m hoping that “The Human Jukebox” is feeling ok as earlier in the day he felt like something was up with his sinuses and has been feeling kinda off ever since: He had Aspen Powers mix him up a concoction of fresh squeezed lemon and honey for him to sip between notes while on stage, so I find him on the break and ask if he wants me to go grab him a hot tea but he’s good. Whilst the break is still breakin’, “Garanimals” walks in, who is also a guy who comes on Monday’s fairly often but what’s FUNNY about him is that he has at least four of those large checked button down short sleeved shirts WITH matching shorts (think red & white table-cloth), so far I’ve seen him rock the green, blue, red and NOW tonight, its orange–GOOD googa mooga…one of the band members just looked at him, shook his head and said “He looks like orange sherbet”, and THERE you have it! Shirts with matching shorts, INTENTIONALLY? Reminds me of Garanimals….remember those? With the color-coded tags so you could mix and match your clothes and everything matched everything else down to a science? YEP. SO this little blog has sorta taken on a life of its own to the point that NOW my friends are trying to help me nickname everyone for this blog. Towards the end of the evening, WHILE he’s singing and I’m dancing, Human Jukebox gets my attention, gestures to an older gentleman straight goin’ IN on the dance floor wearing a suit and Fedora and says “Brim Shady!” who was at that VERY moment breaking it DOWN while the band played “Da Butt” by E.U….Brim Shady is QUITE a character, another sharp dresser from that lost generation–I’ve known him for a very long time, probably since childhood and had actually dated his son  many years ago, although I don’t think he was ever aware of that since he shamelessly flirts with me every chance he gets, which I pay no attention to…I guess the oldies need to feel like they “still got it”….too bad he’ll never be “gettin’ it” here and EVEN if it were possible, at his age, I’m thinkin’ that his “mic dropped” quite a few years ago. AND I PROMISE YOU, I’ll never find out. 😉


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