All the world’s a stage! 9/24/11

Welcome to “dropsthemicandwalksout”–my “almost real time” blog covering all of my experiences: good, bad, ugly & indifferent while going to hang out at live music shows…I’ve been a fan of live music as long as I can remember, since my father was leader of a band when I was a child, he gave us huge appreciation for all things music, as a result I consider myself a very musically diverse person and therefore have attended a lot of live music shows on the local level–“SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC”!!!!! This blog serves as a journal so to speak of my life & times at the events that I attend. I’ve said for years that the comical things and characters that I encounter deserved to be immortalized and here we are…my love affair with music continues here…ever wanted to be a voyeur? Here’s your shot! (try not to stare too hard…) 😉

p.s. Here’s to coming across the most random, comically rich things that make you wanna “drop the mic and walk out”… CHEERS!


About Drops The Mic and Walks Out

People watcher, lover of most things creative, laugher, daydreamer, intense observer...This blog is merely a recounting of events and experiences that are, well...MINE...although this blog is a work of real events and is NOT intended to hurt, malign, embarrass or otherwise stick anyone out--I won't apologize for offending anyone, if you aren't amused, move your mouse to the upper right hand corner, hover over the "x" and *click*...while you drop your mic and walk out...

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